Our first development goal is to help educating a television audience of children, parents and teachers.

Embedded in a holistic educational programming, are the 3 areas of education, health and social development for lifelong learning.

Built for lifelong learning

Learn today, achieve tomorrow!
Trusted source of learning
Learn from over 200 videos created by experts in the fields of education, health and social development. Our content is customized to cover the various needs of children, youth, parents and educators in the Middle East and North Africa.
All in-one Learning Platform
SAT-7 ACADEMY Learning Platform provides the most flexible and on-demand support through online courses. Easily integrate everything needed for a course using its complete range of built-in features including a progress dashboard and a control button to continue where you left off. Learn at your own pace!
Learn anytime, anywhere and from any device
Access our online courses from anywhere in the world. With a compatible and consistent interface, access the SAT-7 ACADEMY learning platform from different web browsers and smart devices.

Start courses of Arabic, English, Math, Science and French while checking your progress


Improve your parenting skills and build a positive relationship with your children


Make learning more interesting and interactive with professionally updated teaching techniques